Brahms’s Elegies: The Poetics of Loss in German Culture (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018).

The research for this book was funded by an FP7 Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship held jointly at the Department of Music, University of California, Irvine, and the School of Music, University College Dublin. The book deals with Brahms’s changing conceptions of death as manifest in a number of his choral and vocal works including Schicksalslied, Op. 54, Nänie Op. 82, Gesang der Parzen, Op. 89, and his final published composition, the Vier ernste Gesänge, Op. 121. It is concerned with the relationship between Brahms’s music and the German intellectual tradition, with a particular focus on the writings of Schiller, Hölderlin, Goethe, and Nietzsche. It draws on extensive archival research carried out in Brahms’s personal library, which is housed at both the Archive of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna, and at the Brahms-Institut at the Musikhochschule, Lübeck. Parts of the book are already available as published articles, details of which are available here.




I am editor of Rethinking Hanslick: Music, Formalism, and Expression, with Siobhán Donovan and Wolfgang Marx.

Rethinking Hanslick has received a number of reviews in peer-review journals, as indicated below:

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I have also edited Mendelssohn Perspectives with Angela R. Mace.

Mendelssohn Perspectives has been reviewed widely in peer-review journals, as indicated below:

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